Vydané ovládače AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta V2

AMD released the second edition of Catalyst 13.8 Beta driver suite, marked by 'V2.' The drivers bring with them a bucket-list of game specific performance improvements, beginning with up to 25 percent on Saints Row 4 at 1920 x 1080 and Ultra settings enabled; up to 9 percent on Splinter Cell: Blacklist at 2560 x 1600 and Ultra settings; improvements on single-GPU and CrossFireX performance with Final Fantasy XIV; improves single-GPU performance on RIPD; CrossFire performance on Minimum and Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

Catalyst 13.8 Beta V2 tiež rieši problémy s kvalitou obrazu s Van Helsing, zobrazuje korupciu pri povolení vyhladzovania pomocou Catalyst Control Center pre Far Cry 3 a FC3: Blood Dragon; Náhodné problémy s korupciou na Doom 3 BFG Edition a CrossFire s tematikou stimulácie snímok s World of Warcraft, Sniper Elite, Watch Dogs a Tomb Raider.

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